The creation of value in the Age of Collaboration
requires imagination, creativity and passion;
It is designed to create organizations for people, where the leadership and innovation
are shared by all its members.

~José Cabrera, Leadership 2.0

Information technologies have unleashed a torrent of creative expressions. Artists, empowered by technological advances, have found new forms of expression and distribution of the result of his talent. In contrast, traditional artisans, displaced by the digital divide, are suffering the ravages of this era and globalization, and are forced to leave the craft workshops to make a new livelihood.

Two guilds full of creativity, passion and professionalism have much to share, so we propose a disruptive model in which artisans and designers may benefit by technological advances, ensuring rescue craft guild and the transformation of digital designs into new expressions allowing marketing.

In Toy Artisans, our Manufacturing On Demand model 3D printing and finishing Artisan proposes a model that prevails:

  • COLLABORATION between artists and craftsmen, by transforming the digital creations of artists and designers in three-dimensional figures made with 3D printing that can be finished and detailed with the ability of small artisans.
  • RESPECT FOR TALENT, recognizing at all times the responsibility of the figures as a result of a process that includes the ideas and sketches of the designer, the transformation of digital modeling and finishing and painting of craftsmen. All with fair credit.
  • FAIR REMUNERATION for craftsmanship, artistic worth paying price previously agreed with artisans and putting aside the practice of bargaining.
  • CONSERVATION OF TRADITIONS, controlling the volume of work for the artisans so that they can live calmly but further develop their craft creations and thus perpetuate our cultural heritage.
  • A MORE EQUITABLE DISTRIBUTION OF THE ARTIST PROFITS, creating a platform and a licensing system that allows artists to earn more for their designs.
  • A RESPONSIBLE PRODUCTION SYSTEM, using recycled materials and low environmental impact, by involving all the time to the final consumer of inputs and materials used in the creation of each piece. We believe in the talent of the artists and artisans and believe in the benefits of information technology and additive manufacturing. For a more sustainable, conscious, collaborative, creative social and inclusive world.